New Year, New Building for B&L Stevenage

New Year, New Building for B&L Stevenage

Brown & Lee Stevenage is about to relocate to new local premises at Meadway Court.  And, always keen to apply the same advice we give to clients, the all-important topic of Space Planning is at the forefront of our minds.

A range of specific elements and choices should be carefully considered when it comes to planning your office space, and our own office move represents a good opportunity to share how this important area also influenced our decision.

Space planning elements to consider:

Your objectives – Some might include: reducing costs, increasing flexibility, encouraging productivity, interaction or creativity, reducing environmental impact or even to attract and retain staff.

The type of space – Open plan, teams or perhaps cubicles. Do you need meeting rooms, private offices or common areas? Will there be kitchen and meal preparation, and support areas such as locker rooms and even file storage?

Connectivity – Nowadays IT and infrastructure commonly revolve around a robust Internet connection, and the ability to run networks and access to all areas of there premises – and beyond.

So whilst location might be the most obvious influencing factor when choosing a potential new building, even this can be superseded by the suitability for adapting the interior space to your own particular requirements.  The move to our new offices has been likewise considered to create a new, modern open plan environment that makes better use of space, and incorporates the latest in IT requirements. And we welcome our clients and contacts to visit our new offices!

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A major part of my work is the space planning of offices, particularly in the commercial and healthcare sectors. So before planning your next move, why not get in touch?

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