Avoiding Dilapidation nightmares

Avoiding Dilapidation nightmares

Whenever a landlord believes a tenant has failed to repair, reinstate or redecorate a property as set out in the Lease, a Dilapidation claim is often the next step.  

But for both landlords and businesses, dilapidation disputes and claims can be very costly – not to mention tremendously time consuming, so seeking the right advice is critical. 

The Dilapidations Dispute Resolution Scheme is specifically designed to allow a quick and economic resolution of lease end Dilapidation disputes.  The scheme is designed to put both parties on an equal footing, and keep costs down whilst still allowing parties to be represented by their usual advisors.

Appropriately qualified Chartered Surveyors are ideally placed to act as Arbitrators or Independent Experts in dilapidation cases, and we are pleased to announce that Geoff Stilwell has been appointed to the RICS Panel of Independent Dilapidation Experts.

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As a Building Surveyor Partner at our Stevenage office, Geoff has recently completed the detailed training run by the RICS Dispute Resolution Service, which makes him one of only eight surveyors in the whole country able to offer this specialist assistance.

If you are either a landlord or tenant looking to reduce your liabilities or resolve a dispute, please give Geoff a call on 01438 794591 or email: geoff.stilwell@brownandlee.com